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Are Dental Implants safe?

Implants have been proven to be safe and biocompatible. Implant screws are made of titanium metal, the same material used in artificial joint. Titinium dental implants, when placed into healthy bone tissue, allows close apposition of new bone around the implant locking it solidly into the bone. This process is called osseointegration. For an implant to be successful, osseointegration is essential. For osseointegration to occur, a minimum healing period of  8 weeks is usually necessary after surgical placement of the implant. 

Covid-19 precautions in place: Routine Dental treatment is available for patients who present no Covid-19 risk factors. Patients who have tested positive to Covid-19 and/or display Covid-19 symptons are advised to delay dental treatment until clear of all risks. Patients are kindly asked to wear a mask while waiting in the reception area. Patients will need to hand-sanitise and use a disinfecting mouthrinse prior to treatment being provided. All our staff is currently vaccinated as per mandated by the Victorian Government. N95/P2 masks in use by staff.