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Reducing Dentistry's Environmental Impact

At the Melbourne Smile Clinic, we strive to reduce our environmental impact. The following measures have been implemented that help reduce waste with the use of biodegradable products and digital technology, waste water filtration and recycling program of oral care products for our local community in Northcote and greater Darebin area. 

Environmental Toothbrush

The environmental toothbrush is made of bamboo and is fully biodegradable and sustainable. It is also BPA free. The soft bristled toothbrush is now available for sale at the Melbourne Smile Clinic.

Dentists for Cleaner Water

The Melbourne Smile Clinic is proud to be be part of the Dentists for Cleaner Water programme. Amalgam fillings removed from teeth contribute to mercury in the sewage system. Our practice has installed an amalgam separator to filter amalgam filling residues from waste water and prevent their release into the sewage system.

Recycle Your Oral Care Products

The Melbourne Smile Clinic in collaboration with Terracycle is pleased to offer recycling collection of used toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads, empty toothpaste tubes and floss containers. You can drop these items for recycling on our premises in the specific recycling bin in the reception area. Please note that the cardboard packaging for toothbrushes is not accepted. These can be placed in your home recycling bin.

Your recycling will also contribute to fund research on oral health through the eviDent Foundation. Points are earned for waste collected and are transferred as cash donations.

Your recycling at the Melbourne Smile Clinic will help both the environment and scientific research in oral health.  

For more information on our recycling program, click here

For more information on the eviDent Foundation, click here.

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Digital Radiography

The use of digital radiography not only reduces the dosage of x-ray radiation that the patient is exposed to when radiographs are taken, they also eliminate the use of x-ray films and a layer of lead that eventually ends up as waste. Additionally, the use of x-ray developer solutions is eliminated, hence also reducing the production of potentially toxic waste.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Biodegradable Materials

Adhering to proper infection control standards means that a lot of plastic barriers are used on various equipment. These are changed after each patient to prevent cross contamination for health and sanitary reasons.

As much as possible, we now use biodegradable plastic barriers to reduce our impact on the environment. Our supplier for these products is Bio-Protect.

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Covid-19 precautions in place: Routine Dental treatment is available for patients who present no Covid-19 risk factors. Patients who have tested positive to Covid-19 and/or display Covid-19 symptons are advised to delay dental treatment until clear of all risks. Patients are kindly asked to wear a mask while waiting in the reception area. Patients will need to hand-sanitise and use a disinfecting mouthrinse prior to treatment being provided. All our staff is currently vaccinated as per mandated by the Victorian Government. N95/P2 masks in use by staff.