Melbourne Smile Clinic

What are ceramic veneers?

Veneers are a thin shell of material bonded on the front surfaces of teeth to improve their appearance. 

Veneers can be made of ceramic or resin. They are tooth- coloured and their shapes and contours can be customised to improve the appearance of the natural teeth that they cover.  

Veneers can be placed over 1 or 2 appointments and provide a relatively quick solution to improve an unaesthetic smile. However, each case must be assessed thoroughly to ensure that veneers are the most appropriate treatment modality.

Covid-19 precautions in place: Routine Dental treatment is available for patients who present no Covid-19 risk factors. Patients who have tested positive to Covid-19 and/or display Covid-19 symptons are advised to delay dental treatment until clear of all risks. Patients are kindly asked to wear a mask while waiting in the reception area. Patients will need to hand-sanitise and use a disinfecting mouthrinse prior to treatment being provided. All our staff is currently vaccinated as per mandated by the Victorian Government. N95/P2 masks in use by staff.