Teeth Straightening (Orthodontics)

We offer orthodontic treatment for selected cases of dental crowding and misalignment in adults with InvisalignR 

If you are a current patient of our practice and have attended in the last 6 months, you are eligible for a free Invisalign assessment. Please contact us for an appointment.

We will first carefully assess your dentition to determine the severity of your case. Photos and sometime models of your teeth are taken for analysis to determine if your case can be suitably treated with InvalignGo. 

If your case is determined to be high in complexity, referral to an orthodontist might be preferable for you and you will be advised on the matter.

With mild crowding, wearing braces for 6-12 months can lead to outstanding results.


Invisalign Clear Aligners 



Clear aligners used for teeth straightening are effective and barely noticeable when worn. A series of clear aligners are provided that gradually apply pressure on the teeth, moving them into place. Tooth coloured attachments are usually necessary and are placed on certain teeth to allow more precise movements. Teeth might also need a fraction of enamel (less than 1mm) on either side to be shaved off to create space for movement. Clear aligners must be worn all day and night, except at meal times. However, they are barely visible during use. Even though, some initial lisping might occur during the first few days of use, most people get used to the aligners and are able to adapt their speech and not have any lisping after a while. 

If you want to achieve a straighter, more harmonious smile, enquire about Invisalign with the Melbourne Smile Clinic.