Teeth Straightening (Orthodontics)

We offer orthodontic treatment for selected cases of dental crowding and misalignment in adults with InvisalignR and QSTR (Quick Straight Teeth R)

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, we first carefully assess your dentition to determine the severity of your case and whether the QST solution is appropriate for you. Assessment for orthodontics suitability includes a full mouth examination to make sure there are no pathologies like dental caries (decay). If caries are detected, these must be addressed before any orthodontic treatment is commenced. X-ray images (radiographs) are usually necessary to assess the dentition and teeth placement in the jaw prior to any orthodontic treatment. 

f your case is determined to be high in complexity, we might consider referral to an orthodontist to be preferable for you.

With mild crowding, wearing braces for 6-12 months can lead to outstanding results.

Clear Aligners 

Clear aligners used for teeth straightening are effective and barely noticeable when worn. A series of clear aligners are provided that gradually apply pressure on the teeth, moving them into place. Clear aligners must be worn all day and night, except at meal times. However, they are barely visible during use. Even though, some initial lisping might occur during the first few days of use, most people get used to the aligners and are able to adapt their speech and not have any lisping after a while


Ceramic Braces

Metal braces are quite noticeable and not an option for many patients. An alternative is the use of braces made of ceramic, which means they do not stand out unlike metal braces. Ceramic braces mean orthodontic treatment is made discreet and quick.



If you want to achieve a straighter, more harmonious smile, enquire about Invisalign or QST teeth straightening with the Melbourne Smile Clinic.



                Before Teeth Straightening                                       After Teeth Straightening